The Sprint Sucks Story

Everyone loves a horror story, even us shriveled old raisins at Telecom Monthly.  And this story has it all, shock, anticipation, and an evil villain.  Unfortunately, this is a supposedly true story.  The tale of a small company which overpaid on their T1s for years and the big company which refused to help.  We don’t really know if this is legit or not, but the guy was upset enough to spring for the domain and put the effort into explaining his story.

I actually feel a bit sorry for Sprint.  They are a carrier in trouble and sites like this really don’t help.  But, it does go to show you that a little bad publicity from an upset customer can go a REALLY long way.  Someone along the line should have taken care of this guy. Perhaps whoever ends up buying the ailing Sprint will make amends with Allen Harkleroad and pay him to take his site down.  Until then, enjoy the zombies:

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  1. Allen H says:

    Thanks for helping get the word out fellas. It is much appreciated. Allen

  2. Laughing says:

    I find this so funny. Why stay with a carrier if you know the price is less somewhere else? After your contract was up, you should have jumped. It’s not the responsibility of the company selling the product, to tell you where the better deal is and it’s your responsibility to research the product set and choose the best priced product for your business. If I am truly a dedicated business entrepreneur, I am going to research the pricing across the board and then make the most informative decision not rely on a sales person to tell me what their competitors are selling their products for. Go to Geico if you want that. Their are so many wholes in your story, Sprint should file a lawsuit and put your site into the garbage. It shows more of a lack of business intelligence on your side then any fault with Sprint. More over, your story regarding Amazon has no baring on the situation, not even close.

    Apparently a Smarter Entrepreneur

  3. Ben Cotten says:

    Smarter Entrepreneur, yeah great comments but how would you like to be quoted a price and a abunch of promises and then get overcharged and those promises were never kept. Especially when you have an agreement with a company and they still will not honor the agreement or make things right. There is a reason that Sprint is rated #1 for the worst customer service in the nation for ANY company. I am a former employee with Sprint, so go get any service with them and try to get help. Also if you are the smarter entrepreneur then why can you not use hole properly in a sentence. You are obviously a retarted Sprint employee. “Their are so many wholes in your story, Sprint should file a lawsuit and put your site into the garbage.”

  4. SSK says:

    This story is really funny. ‘I signed up for a contract and you charged me what you said….guess what, I did not do enough research and could have found better price. So please pay my money back’. Isn’t this crazy?

  5. Name says:

    Sprint is not rated #1 for worst customer service. That’s Comcast.

  6. JJW says:

    Hey Dumba$$ Sprint Shills,

    JD Powers ranked Sprint DEAD-LAST this year us wireless carrier customer service satisfaction. Google it, or use link:

    In an industry renowned for bad customer service, Sprint has taken it to a whole (notice the correct useage of the word “whole” idiotic sprint employees) new level, an almost Olympian feat. Sprint’s churn rate is MORE THAN DOUBLE it’s competitors, and it’s stock is in free-fall, dropping from a 52week high of $19.70 to $5.38 in less than 6 months. Heckofa job, “sprinty”…

    So yes, Sprint Shills, please regale us with more of your oh-so-believable fantasies of Sprint “service”.

  7. Esther S. Harper says:

    After 3 years with Nextel and 21/2 years with sprint, my husband & I decided to go with AT&T because the customer service with Sprint was awful. We were lied to, loads of stuff was added to our bill, we were over charged for our phones, and spent hours ofour time on the phone trying to straighten things out.

    When we cancelled our family plan which was under my husband name, Sprint charged us for the next month, plus treated us like we had two separate plans instead of a family plan, and charged us $400 disconnect fees. The next month Sprint charged us another monthly fee, stating that we didn’t asked that both phones plus the third line be disconnected. Another person told us that we hadn’t asked that the phones be disconnected. When we asked why were we charged the $400 disconnect fees, he didn’t have an answer for that.

    We currently have a bill over $667 fro switching to another carrier. We have refused to pay and I am hoping we can find a lawyer to get all of the dissatified customers together and sue Sprint.

  8. Jolly Gidney says:

    Esther, don’t forget to contact your state PUC, the FCC, your state Attorney General, AND the Better Business Bureau. No one should have to go through all of that just to cancel their phone service.

    I also switched to AT&T due to problems with Sprint customer service and billing.

  9. George says:

    I could write a book on my nightmare customer service experience with Sprint.

    I’ll give you the short version:

    1) I Made the mistake of buying a Blackberry from a Sprint telemarketer. I travel extensively, and was in need of a new phone so I was actually glad the guy called. He told me that Sprint was offering a special price with rebates galore. Hey, Sign me up! I purchased the phone using a Visa card. The phone I ordered was the wrong one so I went to the Sprint store to excange it for an upgraded Blackberry World Phone. The store didn’t have one in stock, however the clerk kindly handed me their phone to order it from another department. The clerk then did an exchange using my Visa at the cash register, and I my new phone arrived at my home two days later. Cool.

    2) Since I’m not exactly a tech-savvy phone genius, I returned to the Sprint store to get some help setting up my new Blackberry. They were marginally helpful, however they got me fixed up nonetheless.

    3) I chose the Blackberry World Phone because as I said, I travel extensively. I was leaving for China in a few days and just as I do every month, I dial *3 to pay my Sprint bill. I was a bit shocked when the lovely robo-woman told me that my new balance was $1100.00! As I said, I purchased one phone, exchanged it for another, all on my Visa card. My normal phone bill is around 100.00 per month, and now I’m looking at an $1100.00 phone bill. I called “customer service” immediately to get to the bottom of it.

    Oh my God! I spent two days, and a total of 9 hours on the phone dealing with one idiot after another. In two days, I spoke with 29 different people. I was hung up on, mysteriously disconnected with, put on perma-hold, and treated like dirt by these evil mutants employed by Sprint. I was yelled at, called a liar, threatened, insulted in a half a dozen other ways, and still nobody could figure out why my phone bill was $1100.00.

    Meanwhile, I’ve got only two days to go until I’m on a plane for China, and I’m going through a living hell with Sprint!

    On the third day, I return to the Sprint store to try to resolve the issue. The manager of the store dialed some kind of secret magical number and handed me their phone to speak with some big chief, or the “King of Sprint”, or whatever. The guy was very pleasant, and tried to help me unravel the whole mess. Turns out, I was charged for three phones. They charged my Visa bill, and there were overlapping charges on my Sprint bill. He credited me for part of the damage, however I was told that the credit for $700.00 on my Sprint bill wouldn’t show up until my next montly statement.

    At this point, I was just happy to know that I had a working telephone to take to China, and I was glad to know that the issue was more or less resolved. Nevermind the fact that I was only in the States for a total of four days. Time I could have spent with family or friends was spent dealing with Sprint “customer service”. Had I not been on such a hectic travel schedule, I would have dropped Sprint immediately.

    4) One month later: I return from China, dial *3 to pay my Sprint bill, only to hear robo-woman’s voice telling me that I’m past due for the amount of $700.00. Now, I’ve never been late with paying my Sprint bill. In fact, I usually pay early. I’ve been a loyal Sprint customer for eight years.I didn’t use my phone in China, except to answer annoying messages from Sprint which I was recieving daily.(Apparently, when you have an open dispute with them, they try to annoy you into submission by hounding you to death accross the globe. You can run, but you can’t hide!)

    So once again, rather than go through another two days of degradation trying to resolve anything on the phone with “customer service”, I drive to the Sprint store. During my jet-lagged attempt to get some answers from the guy in the store, I was told that this was somehow my fault because “we told you it would take a month for the credit to show up on your statement”. He also suggested that I pay the bill, even though I don’t owe them money, and wait until yet another month goes by for the billing department to straighten it out. Rather than get violent with the guy, I marched out of there and promtly called “customer service” again to see if I could find some answers.

    Finally, I get someone who isn’t on drugs to speak with. The “supervisor” more or less got it straightened out. It’s been almost three months, and I’m still waiting for that rebate. Never did get that “special offer”. After the mental anguish Sprint put me through, they should give me free phones and free service for life.

    So while I was in in China last month, I was trying to dial information in the US because I needed a rental car upon my return. Since I had no time to figure my new Blackberry out before my trip, I had no idea how to dial 411 from China to get a number for Hertz to make a reservation, so I call Sprint “customer service” to see if someone could tell me how to dial information in the US. I was explaining to the Sprint “customer service” woman on the phone that I was in China trying to reach Hertz Rental Car, and the woman yelled “we are not a travel service”! and hung up on me.

    … At least they’re consistent.

    I would drop Sprint, however I’m in China again this month. As grueling as my travel schedule is, I don’t have time to change service right now. I will say that whenever I can take a break, dropping Sprint is high on my to-do list!

  10. Alberto says:

    I don’t understand this guy. He seems really mad at Sprint. But for what? Sprint should sue him for interfering with them.. Sprint owes him nothing…

    I was a sprint T1 customer for 5 years. At the time that I signed the contract they were about 10% more expensive than other carriers, but I wanted sprint reliability so I went with them anyway. In 5 years there was only one outage. I always got excellent service from them. After my contract was about to expire I went shopping around and found other tier 1 carriers that had much lower prices (about 40%). I contacted my sales rep and gave her the opportunity to match it. She tried but could not. ( I would have stayed with them if they came within 10% of the other guys) . Regrettably, I left for another carrier. I wont switch providers for less than 10% savings.

    I fail to understand the guys logic here. If he contract a hotel room for $200 per night and then find out that across the street another hotel was charging $150 per night, Would he be entitled to a refund? I don’t think so.

    It appears to me that he does not seem to understand how business works.

  11. e.s. says:

    I purchased my Sprint phone on Monday, 05 May 2008. I should have received the rebate by Monday, 11 August 2008 at the very latest. I repeatedly submitted the rebate request and each time Sprint claimed the requested was never received. After submitting the rebate request numerous times via mail, fax, and email each and every time with Sprint continuing to claim the rebate request was never received I began filing rebate fraud complaints against Sprint in March 2009 and I still have not received a rebate check. Sprint has lied to me and the Better Business Bureau about this matter. Sprint reported to the BBB that a representaive has spoken with me and the matter is resovled. That is a lie! I am now being subjected to playing this game of repeatedly confirming my mailing address with an executive services analyst. I have now confirmed my mailing address 10 times. This is the same mailing address that the account statements are consistently received but not the rebate check. This company has no intentions of sending the rebate check and that is fraud! As of Monday, 22 June 2009 I have filed a rebate fraud complaint with 98 agencies/sites/blogs including Ripoff Report, Planetfeedback, Better Business Buareau, and the Attorney General just to name a few. I have reported this fraud complaint to news stations in over 30 different states (reporters really help get your story out there) and will not stop until I receive my rebate check and three months free service for this blatant fraudulent behavior. When this is over, Sprint will wish they never heard of me and I will be a prepaid cellular user. This company is so foul.

  12. Carol Sutton says:

    Sprint has the worse customer service I have ever seen. My husband and I have been trying to get them to correct their error for 4 months. My daughter’s phone has always had unlimited text, in October we upgraded her phone. When we upgraded her phone, sprint canceled the unlimited text messages without notifying us. When I notified Sprint they said that they no longer had the “button” to put the unlimited text messaging back as it originally was in our original plan, but they could give us another “more expensive” plan or we could just get the unlimited text back for $20 per month! DO YOU BELIEVE THIS?? I have spoken to over 15 different people from their bill has gone from $167 to $300,,,,$400 and $600!! Several of these people have told me they will fix the issue but in the end they only correct the bill for that month…and the error continues onto the next month. This is too make a very loooong story short. I would love to leave sprint but they told us it would cost us $1000 as we have 5 phones on the plan. I have never dealt with so many useless people before in my life. They really do not care. It is time the general public take these companies on and I for one am gong to find out just what we can do. They hold people. I just read where Sprint refused to cancel the contact for a man that died…this really says alot about the company!

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