iPhone 3.0 Rocks, AT&T Sucks

If you are as big an iPhone geek as I am, you woke up early this morning to see if the new 3.0 software update was ready to be downloaded.  It wasn’t, but became available for download around 10 am pacific time.  Early reaction to the new software is glowing.  The phone seems much more responsive and less sluggish.  New Voice Memo feature was much needed, and ability to search for terms across the entire device (emails and apps) makes the phone an indispensible tool.

In all, the new iPhone 3.0 software brings a slew of new features to the wildly popular device, over 100 updates in total.  Chief among these are the highly anticipated arrival of cut & paste, MMS, and data tethering.  It is a huge update which brings the bulk of  ‘most wanted’ user features to the device.

However, all is not joy in iPhoneland.  Apple’s carrier partner AT&T, has increasingly upset iPhone customers, threatening the ‘golden-device’ status that the iPhone has enjoyed thus far.  In a move that can only be described as short-sighted (or incompetence as the case may be) AT&T will be blocking both MMS (the ability to send pictures and video to other mobile phones) and tethering (using your iPhone as an internet data connection for your laptop) on the iPhone 3.0 software.  While both of those features may come at additional cost later this Summer, that is not fast enough for iPhone users.  In addition, AT&T is removing the pay-as-you-go option for iPhone customers.  And to make matters worse, AT&T has managed to further upset loyal iPhone customers by making them pay a hefty surcharge to upgrade their phones to the new iPhone 3G S when it is released later this week (You can sign a petition to protest AT&T’s customer hostility on Twitter: http://twitition.com/f96aq)

Which begs the question, no matter how much you love your iPhone, how much abuse are you willing to take from your carrier before you simply walk away?

I’m thrilled with the continuous updates and feature enhancements that Apple has been making, but look forward to a day when the iPhone is available on better, faster, and friendlier carrier networks.  AT&T has made it painfully clear that they don’t really value their customers beyond the dollars they can wring out of them.

AT&T could be using the limited amount of time they have left in their exclusive iPhone contract to lure in new customers and dazzle them with great service and support.  Instead, they have chosen to squander their advantage.  Apple may have trained their customers to pay a premium for quality products, but few are willing to pay for outright customer abuse.

I’m sure that many iPhone customers join me in longing for the day when we can break free from AT&T’s shackles and flee to a more customer-centric carrier.

Verdict: iPhone 3.0 rocks! AT&T sucks!

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  1. Mikk909 says:

    The new iPhone Update sucks !! I rather run the 2.2.1 update with my quickpwn then update then 3.0 So Much Hype for what it just a little bit faster I have know MMS or anything I am just going to have to wait into the new jailbreak plus some apps will be better with the new OS I miss my five Icon at the bottom my media wav back grounds They could of add a feature to close all tabs in the brower nope I have to jailbreak my phone again for that plus landscape only works if you trun the phone frist you cant make landscape work if you already in text mode this Os was just a hype for the the new phone cut in dry The only good thing is the cut and paste and that should been 2 years a ago !!!!! Long leave the Quickpwn Team !! Iqm just piss at hype and no mms or anything. Shit I had cut &paste with clippy but it not as nice as this the new but still … : )

  2. Tom says:

    I don’t understand why they advertise mms and tethering so much when AT&T doesn’t even support those features yet!! I downloaded the new 3.0 expecting 100 new features and thought I would be messing with my phone all day at work just playing with all the new added features, when really there is hardly anything to get excited about. 3.0 sucks. All the hype for what? Voice recorder, landscape keyboard? Bluetooth for stereo headset that doesn’t even support AVRCP….so you still have to pull the damn phone out while working out to change the song b/c the forward and back buttons don’t work. So the 3 things I was looking forward to don’t work. I am damn glad I didn’t pay for it.

  3. Tom says:

    I left verizon to get the iphone and the day verizon gets the iphone, I will go right back, along with millions of others. AT&T SUCKKKKKKKKKSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Phil says:

    Went to AT&T store this morning to pick up my two pre-ordered 3GS. After an hour was told that they were only allowing one phone per person in spite of pre-order. Came back in the afternoon with my wife and was told since I didn’t tell them I was returning they sold one of my pre-ordered phones. Told them then I didn’t need the single phone then.

    Unfortunately, they will sell the phone and their loss of me as a customer will have no impact. But I will find an option.

  5. Todd says:

    That totally sucks Phil. AT&T is blowing the customer experience and almost ensuring that they will lose many customers the day that the iPhone is no longer locked to them.

    I love the Apple experience and the creativity and flexibility of the iPhone, I’m just not sure that suffering with AT&T makes it worth it any more.

  6. Kathryn says:

    I hate AT&T! They have always sucked. They sucked before the iPhone and they are still miserable money sucking piranas. I went back to them only to get my iPhone. I will return to Verizon the second I can with my iPhone!

  7. Lonnie says:

    AT&T is a giant stinking turd in the punch bowl. Their coverage sucks in the Chicago suburbs for all places. Dropped calls have gotten progressively worse. Now they won’t even allow me to use all of the features that Apple has developed. I’m sure it’s because their !@#$% network would crash if several million iPhone users suddenly were able to start MMS’ing all at once. Even if I were to qualify for an upgrade to the new 3GS without penalty, there is no way I’d extend my contract again. I got both of the previous two iPhones on day one. I’m skipping this one unless I get to the point that I’m cracking my phone and taking to another carrier.

  8. Dylan says:

    I agree with all that has been said. AT&T has always been talk but can never do what they say they will. I have managed to get by without mms by using my e-mail but without a 3G connection it sometimes takes 15 minutes to send one picture.
    Then I find out later that the picture was recieved over 10 times. Company with the best 3G network around my @$$. I have to travel twenty miles from where I live just to get 3G.
    Hopefully these pricks will realize what idiots they are when they lose billions after everyone switches to other companys.

  9. Today, I went to see about getting an Iphone, after taking a look at the available plans, I decided against the iphone, over comparable smart device phones other companies have produced and marketed,

    I love apple, I am a mac geek from way back;,

    But I find ATT to be hostile to work with and I really hate that their data plan is twice the national average charged by other companies, this is another hostile thing that ATT has done, if you ask me, I know you didnt, but here it is anyway, ATT has screwed over apple.

    hopefully apple will cut att loose soon because they are not going to grow much beyond what business they currently have if one of two things does not happen, one, cut ATT loose, (preferred option) Two, make ATT respect the apple way of doing business, (probably not going to happen anytime soon, until then, screw att)

  10. Kevin says:

    I agree with everyone here: AT&T sucks. I too will leave the moment verizon gets the iPhone. I only wish I could take this one there now.
    AT&T you are squandering your last few precious months with us. You could be trying to make it difficult for anyone to leave you by providing exceptional service and features but instead you make us all look forward to the day we make our last way too big for the way too bad service payment.

  11. timothy says:

    at&t indeed sucks beyond belief.
    all of you waiting for verizon to get the iphone are out of luck.

    the iphone is a gsm phone and zerizon is not, so an att iphone
    will never work on their network.

  12. timothy says:

    at&t indeed sucks beyond belief.
    all of you waiting for verizon to get the iphone are out of luck.

    the iphone is a gsm phone and verizon is not, so an att iphone
    will never work on their network.

  13. Soon-To-Be-Ex-AT&T-Customer says:

    The INSTANT Verizon picks up the iPhone I will be there… I will pay AT&T whatever fees they charge and it will be infinitely worth it!

    Dropped calls and poor customer service = teh lose!!!1

    AT&T SUCKS A$$!

  14. Soon-To-Be-Ex-AT&T-Customer says:

    I’d also like to see AT&T go completely out of business from the mass exodus when Verizon steals away all the iPhone users.

    Can you tell how disgusted I am with AT&T?

  15. john parker says:

    Other companies will develop phones that are just as good as the iphone and maybe even better. Right now, the iphone rules, so they know they can stiff you on the monthly charges with ATT, but soon this will all change. 150 a month for a frickin’ phone is insane. 1800 a year to have a phone and send a few texts and emails? ATT will be forced to lower their monthly rates eventually. Just be patient and stick with another carrier and another phone for now. Competition will take care of everything. Eventually Apple will have to join the real world and compete by letting other carriers into their little iphone club. For now there’s always a cheaper way to get it done.

    I just went on a 2 hour marathon trying to get some type of incentive to switch to AT&T and get the iphone. All I got from 4 different reps was the usual tech-geek apple clone speeches about how nice the phone is and that it’s worth paying the 1800 a year. I know the phone is nice. All I asked for was a few bonus minutes to add onto the 1350 plan so I could feel confident about not going over minutes with a new AT&T plan. No help at all. One department said they’d waive the $36 activation fee, 3 others said they could not, no matter what. They basically went through their little blueprint questions while I’m burning up minutes on my sprint plan. It’s like talking to a wall – in one ear and out the other. I think they had ipod ear pieces in or something. Total lack of sense and understanding of actual customers.

    Not too long ago Apple was on the verge of going out of business. The ipod saved them. Then they made the iphone and in the process have gotten cocky. Hey Apple, you better stop harshing on customers and charging a fortune or you’ll be right back where you were before. The competition is fierce. Better save your money while your stock is up because it won’t last forever.

  16. Sign the petition and pass it on

  17. Jeff Marks says:

    There is a fantastic complaint letter posted at http://www.lionfishpictures.com/2009/11/i-have-had-it-with-at.html

    Everyone should copy it and send it to AT&T.

  18. Tent says:

    People still buy Iphones?? lol… sheep…it’s sad to see people buy them at stores…thinking its the “best” phone on the market.. only because the commercial says so… HAHAHHAHAa

  19. Webme says:

    AT&T is being ruined by the iphone! AT&T network can’t handle the mass network request for the iPhone. Yesterday I tried several times to call friends and family and every call was a “Call Failed” while next to me my friend had a verizon Blacberry with no problem with his network reception, so I asked him to use his Verizon phone to make the calls!!!! I hope the world knows about AT&T, it sucks!!!

  20. CC says:

    “The Apple way of doing business?”

    You mean charge you for everything? OS 3.0?
    You mean making you pay a premium for your device?
    You mean charging higher prices for your products and services than your competitors?
    You mean handcuffing your ability to do anything with the device beyond what Apple thinks the average(dumb) user is able to handle?

    They are more similar than you think.

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