AT&T: All or Nothing Texting Plans

at&t: all or nothing texting plansIn its next move to lose more customers, AT&T has decided to switch up its texting plans. Instead of offering a tiered text-messaging rate, the carrier has decided to only offer unlimited texts or pay-by-text contracts. The new plans will be effective next week.

Until now, AT&T has always offered its 1,000-message plan for $10 per month, a pretty popular deal among consumers. Now the carrier will offer unlimited plans at $20 a month ($30 if you have a family plan), or a pay-per-text alternative.

Customers currently on the 1000-message plan will continue to pay the $10 per month until their contract expires. New customers will pay 30 cents per text, if they opt out of the unlimited plans.

AT&T attributes its decision to the fact that customers prefer to have unlimited plans.

Though this is troublesome for some customers, AT&T’s change comes at a time when text messages are becoming a thing of the past. Blackberry Messenger (BBM), for example, made text messaging obsolete between Blackberry users, while iMessage offers iPhone users the same free-messaging opportunities. Facebook recently released its Messenger app, that lets users text-message from their smartphones.

AT&T is still waiting to hear from the FCC on its proposed acquisition of T-Mobile and Qualcomm’s 700 MHz spectrum.


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