Windows 8 and a New App Store

windows 8 and a new app storeAs Microsoft prepares to launch its new operating system, cleverly-named “Windows 8,” they also leaked images of the new app store. Users will be able to download software directly from Microsoft’s online store to their computers.

Apple took the lead with this plan when they launched the Mac App Store last January, allowing Mac users to download software and new operating systems, like OS X Lion, directly from their Macs.

The question remains as to what Microsoft plans to name its new store. Apple has already applied to trademark the name “App Store,” and Microsoft’s Windows Phone users currently purchase their applications from what Microsoft calls the “Windows Marketplace.” The company sure has a clever system for inventing slick names.

Microsoft has not announced a release date for the Windows 8, but company will be publicly blogging about the steps it takes as it builds its new operating system.


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