Google Buys SocialGrapple

google-socialgrappleLast week, Google acquired a social analytics company called SocialGrapple. Google has not disclosed any other information on the acquisition other than that the company’s founder is joining Google.

SocialGrapple was created by Andrey Petrov. Petrov describes the software as a Twitter analytics tool that tracks changes in a user’s social graph. The software also sends users interactive charts and reports reflecting on the data.

Though Google has not revealed any further information about the purchase, many have speculated that Google plans to use SocialGrapple to add to its social network, Google+. Google has added a lot to the social network since launching its beta service earlier this year. In addition to a search box, Hangouts, and games, an analytical tool would make Google+ a more robust social networking pit stop.

Once Google makes its platform open to businesses, the analytical tool would offer even more value. Businesses could use the analytics to better target consumers for marketing purposes. Twitter and Facebook already offer similar analytical tools to marketers.

Petrov will be joining Google’s team, but SocialGrapple will be shutting down as a standalone service.


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