Google Launches Play

If you’ve been on any Google page over the past days, you’ll notice their new “Play” tab. The new online store sells digital content through Google. Users can buy ebooks, games, music, etc. through the Play tab.

Google has been redesigning many of its big products. Sites like Search, Maps, Translate, Reader, Gmail, and YouTube all got extreme makeovers over the past year. Even Google+ has gone through several enhancements and improvements. Now Google is adding a contents-selling page, in hopes that it can accomplish its goal of creating a “single, unified, beautiful product, across everything.”

Google says that Google Play will sell ebooks, music, and videos on top of apps. Android users will also be able to use their apps through their PC via Google’s cloud platform. The company is creating a single, go-to place where users can access all their content and data.

We’ve been seeing a lot of changes on Google lately and we’re trembling with excitement and a bit of fear as we anticipate what move the company will make next.


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