Google Search gets a Makeover

Google has announced its plans to makeover the search engine that is its pride and glory. The company will be giving its formula a rewrite as it works to remain the top gun in the web search market. The expecting changes are among the biggest moves the company has ever made to its website, and will affect the million users who have ever turned to Google during their search for knowledge.

Google hopes to add several new features to the search engine. In addition to a list of blue links, the search website will also present more facts and answers to searches.  For example, if one were to type in the question “What was Oscar Wilde’s favorite ice cream flavor?” Google will purportedly give a direct answer on top of links directing to more resources.

However, the current keyword-search system will remain the same. This bodes well for website developers, who have depended on Google’s keywords to drive traffic to their sites. The company will provide more relevant results by incorporating what they call “semantic search.” The new system refers to the process of understanding the actual meaning of words, instead of a computed jumble of keywords. The new system will hopefully improve searches by offering users more relevant and comprehensive results to their queries.

Google owns 66% market share and more than 75% in search-ad revenue. They already dominate the market, and they plan to continue doing so. This is one of the biggest changes the company has ever made since achieving royal status. The search engine alone generates the majority of the company’s billions in annual revenue.

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