RIM Gives App Developers BlackBerry 10 Preview

RIMResearch in Motion has us all on the edge of our seats with their new BlackBerry 10 operating system. The company recently announced its plans to give app developers a preview of the system. Developers will be given a prototype mobile device to help them create apps for the new system.

The prototype isn’t a BlackBerry 10 smartphone, but it will run on the same operating system that currently powers RIM’s PlayBook tablet. The PlayBook operating system is based on RIM’s QNX software and is the basis of their newest platform.

Since RIM’s steady decline and failure to meet sales expectations, the company has been seeing bad news after bad news. Last year, several software developing companies opted out of making future apps for RIM, declaring that the smartphones’ hardware was simply too complicated compared to those like iPhones and Androids.

But RIM is hoping to boost up their numbers and draw in app developers with their latest updated platform. The move to give app developers a preview of the BlackBerry 10, the company seeks to create hype and excitement over the new phones. RIM claims that their developers make the most profit from apps, but their app development performance has lagged compared to competitors.

Hopefully, this move will help BlackBerry climb back to the top of the ladder. Things don’t look good for RIM, shoe fourth-quarter sales are expected to bring more bad news.


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