Sprint Cancels LightSquared LTE Deal

After giving LightSquared an extended ultimatum to get its act together with the Federal Communications Commission, on March 16, Sprint canceled its LTE plans with LightSquared.

The companies have had a 15-year partnership. Their latest project together was to set up a new 4G LTE network to overlay Sprint’s current WiMac technology. However, the project was delayed as LightSquared’s GPS technology gets probed by the FCC. Last month, Sprint gave LightSquared a deadline to clear things up, and it has become apparent that LightSquared didn’t meet the requirements.

LightSquared has given a no-problemo response. The company concluded that the cancellation was best for both parties.

Meanwhile, Clearwire continues to supply Sprint with WiMax 4G service. Clearwire is yet another party who is building its own LTE network.

Sprint has confirmed that its Network Vision rollout remains on schedule. Their LTE service is set to launch in the next few months. The company said the termination of the LightSquared deal with have no effect on its finances or plans.

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