Google Merges Hangouts, Talk, Messenger

google-hangouts-mobileGoogle offers multiple messaging applications across various devices, but the company plans to merge all these devices into a unified messenger. Currently, Google Messenger, Hangouts, and Talk are the three popular services Google offers to its users.

Most users are speculating this will be a good idea—it doesn’t make sense that Google has 3 messaging services that essentially offer the same thing.

Google says that it never intended to have so many different services for video chatting and messaging. It was poorly done on the company’s part, but it is now attempting to rectify the situation by merging the services.

The company will begin the merge by incorporating features of Talk and Messenger into Google+ Hangouts.


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  1. Liam says:

    Do you have sources for this article? I’d like to see Google’s statement on this.

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