Verizon LTE Comes to 46 More Markets

Verizon LTEThe race never ends, and Verizon is still ahead. Verizon announced in mid-June that the expansion will reach 46 additional markets. Improvements will cover 22 existing regions, bringing the company’s total 4G LTE coverage to a total of 304 markets.

Sprint, on the other hand, has been struggling to catch up with its own LTE network. The company’s initial plan to spread 4G coverage with LightSquared did not go as planned. The companies ended their deal in April. With the FCC’s approval of iDEN spectrum earlier this month, Sprint might finally be able to catch up. But it will be a long race.

AT&T is the only other carrier that comes close to Verizon in 4G LTE coverage. However, with only 41 markets covered with 4G LTE, it will be a long time before Verizon relinquishes its bragging rights.

Verizon offers more 4G LTE devices than any other carrier.

For a list of the additional markets on Verizon’s 4G LTE network, see the press release.


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