BlackBerry’s Dilemma over BES and BB10

Research in Motion is putting a lot of eggs in the basket known as BlackBerry 10. The new device could be make or break for the company as it prepares to launch.

The only thing that has kept RIM afloat in its downward spiral to bankruptcy has been its existing BlackBerry Enterprise Server. The infrastructure is what keeps BlackBerry Messaging running.

Now, however, the company says that the server might not be compatible with its new BB10 smartphones. It is unlikely that the current BES will be able to handle existing devices while simultaneously running on the new BB10 phones.

RIM seems optimistic about the new BB10. The platform seems promising, according to many early reviewers. The devices look capable and innovative, and RIM has been successful in keeping developers and consumers interested in their upcoming devices.

But speculation has been brought up about whether RIM will survive against Apple and Samsung and other smartphone giants. If RIM gives up its BES altogether, what will happen to the company? Is it a smart move to place so much hope in the new BB10?

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