FBI Alerts Users on Android Malware

Mobile malware has increased exponentially in the last years—so much so that the U.S. government is stepping in to alert users on the dangers. The Internet Crime Complaint Letter, a governmental agency that includes the FBI, issued a statement on the dangers of mobile malware in mid October.

The Internet Crime Complaint Center (often referred to as IC3) has become aware of the increase of malware attacks on Google’s Android operating system.

According to a report by McAfee, malware is multiplying at a faster pace now than ever in the past four years. Because Android is an open-source system, it is the target of many criminals who are hoping to steal contact information and personal data. These viruses are often sent through third party applications, SMS-sending malware, spyware, and malicious Trojans.

Google is aware of the mobile malware issue, and has made several attempts to increase the system’s security. With the latest Jelly Bean update, Google hopes that viruses and malware will be curved.

The IC3 says users should take all precautions in protecting their Android devices. Things to take note are:

  • Operating system encryption
  • Passcode protection
  • Malware protection
  • App purchases only from trusted sources
  • Awareness of apps that geolocate
  • Avoid connecting to unknown wireless networks

Use the same precautions when using your mobile phones as you would on your computer.


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