AT&T Locker Service Provides Free Cloud Storage

at&tAndroid and iPhone users on AT&T’s network can rejoice. On Thursday, the wireless carrier announced a new service called the AT&T Locker, which provides 5GB worth of videos and photos for free.

The storage will be accessible through a free app through the appropriate stores on iPhones and Androids. 5GB translates to about 5,000 medium-sized photos.

The app requires an iPhone 3GS or newer. Android users must have Android OS Version 2.1 or higher.

If you have AT&T and don’t own either smartphone, you can still take advantage of AT&T Locker through use of your computer.

With AT&T Locker, users can share videos, music, and images, and even create and customize albums on the device.

Apple and Google already provide similar cloud storages, initially for free up to 5GB. However, AT&T Locker focuses primarily on mobile content, which is what makes it slightly different than Apple’s iCloud or Google’s Drive services.


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