BlackBerry to Offer VoIP on BBM

RIMResearch in Motion, the makers of BlackBerry, announced on Wednesday that the new BlackBerry phones will have a new component—voice call support.

BlackBerry Messenger has always been one of the biggest draws of BlackBerry phones. The private message service provides a secure portal through which BlackBerry users can communicate with one another. The security level on BBM has always been praised.

Now a new voice-call option has been updated to BlackBerry Messenger. Customers can download the free update and immediately place voice calls to other BBM users whenever they have access to Wi-Fi.

To use BlackBerry Messenger and the new BlackBerry Voice feature, users must be subscribed as a BlackBerry service plan customer. According to RIM, the new voice calls will have no extra charge.

Talking and texting is now available through the new service on BlackBerry phones. Users can switch between talking and texting at will. In addition, users can also text message while talking on the phone at the same time.

The new option is available in beta, and will be part of the new BBM 7 update. Users can still download the update now while it is still in beta. The software only works on BlackBerry 6 OS or higher.

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