Facebook Offers Page Feeds

In a move that might appeal to businesses, Facebook updated its newsfeed feature to include a separate option for business pages. The social network is slowly rolling out an update that allows users to view “Pages Only.”

The new option reduces the amount of irrelevant news that users will receive in their news feed. This new option will only update users with posts from Pages they’ve liked—posts that are relevant to them.

By clicking a “Pages feed” option on the left side on Facebook’s home page, users can choose to only view posts and news posted by companies.

Some users might be happy with the new option, as they’ve complained about the frustrating clutter of posts that get mixed in with important updates from friends. However, this new option might not go down so well with companies and business that have paid fees to have their posts seen by fans and followers.

The new option is still only in beta, but should roll out to all users by November 14.

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