Skype Confirms Security Breach

skype leaking personal dataSkype disabled password-resets on all users’ accounts due to a security breach. On Wednesday, video-chatting company Skype confirmed a security breach that exposed millions of its users to potential hacking.

The company said that the breach allowed hackers to access accounts with only usernames and email addresses. A Russian hacking website revealed this information on their forums two months ago. The hack was tested and confirmed. However, the issue did not become public until recently when Skype became aware of the security hole.

The Next Web, a tech-news blog, discovered the hack by testing it and confirming that it worked. When Skype was alerted to the risk, the company issued a report confirming the security breach. Skype said that they have temporarily disabled password reset to investigate and fix the issue.

The company said a small number of users might have been impacted by the hole.

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