SMS Texting Available on Tablets with Mighty Text

Tablets are just like smartphones, but bigger, right? Well, with the new MightyText app, tablet computers blur the line between tablets and smartphones. The app will bring SMS texting to PC and Android tablets, making them text messaging-capable.

MightyText started not so long ago with its no longer private beta app, and has seen exponential growth since its debut. Over 1.2 million users are on MightyText, and the company has delivered 4 billion messages this year.

MightyText was only available on PC tablets, but the company launched its beta Android tablet version on Wednesday. The new app also allows customers who own Kindle Fires and Nexus 7 tablets to text on their devices.

The company has gained friction with the public and among smartphone users quickly since its start.

Building a bridge between tablets and smartphones, MightyText will make texting on tablets easier for users. Before the app, users would be required to text over browsers. With the app, they can now directly text to their friends.

Because the app is still in beta, it won’t be accessible through Google Play. Instead, you need to register through its website to get access. Users can also contact the company via email to request a download link.

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