Analysts Remain Unsure of BlackBerry’s Future

The industry is still talking about BlackBerry (the company formerly known as Research in Motion) and its unveiling of new smartphones this week. While the launch event went well, the future of the company is far from secure. Despite garnering buzz for the Z10 and Q10 smartphones running its new BlackBerry 10 operating system, the company has received a frosty reception from analysts.

BlackBerry shares fell following the event as several Wall Street analyst groups downgraded the company’s stock. Among them are Credit Suisse, who see BlackBerry having trouble gaining traction in the highly competitive smartphone market, and Evercore Partners, who see consumers being put off by the lingering negative image of the damaged BlackBerry brand.

Analysts are also concerned due to a carrier delay that means the U.S. won’t see the devices until March. That wait to get the mobile devices into the hands of U.S. government and business consumers, typically the major BlackBerry users, is seen as possibly stunting sales. BlackBerry hasn’t shared how it will personally measure success in regards to sales targets, but marketing chief Frank Boulben said the company is aiming at quickly becoming the third major player in smartphones.

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