Sprint Loses $1.32 Billion; Sells 2.2 Million iPhones

There’s good news and bad news in the Q4 2012 financial report released by Sprint on Thursday. The good news is the mobile wireless carrier had the best ever sales of iPhones along with increased revenue. The bad news is that Sprint also had a big loss and saw the continued departure of Nextel customers.

Sprint posted a $1.32 billion loss in its financial report, with $400 million of that amount attributed to Network Vision and the shutdown of the Nextel network. Another $54 million of loss was due to the impact of Hurricane Sandy. In terms of customers, Sprint gained 401,000 contract customers, while losing 644,000 from its Nextel network.

On the positive side, Sprint reported consolidated net operating revenue of $9 billion for the quarter and $35.3 billion for the full year, both up from one year ago. Sprint also reported 2.2 million iPhones sold in the quarter, the best numbers for the carrier ever, with 38% of sales attributed to new customers. That number is still a long way off from the 6.2 million and 8.6 million iPhones sold by Verizon and AT&T respectively in their last quarters, but represents good progress for the third largest U.S. carrier.

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