Sprint Saves Money with Part-Exchange Program for Old Mobile Handsets

Sprint, the third largest wireless provider in the U.S., is going green, which coincidentally happens to be the color for both recycling and money. The carrier is working with eRecyclingCorps (eRC) to allow customers to part-exchange old handsets when they decide to move up to a new mobile device. David Edmonson, Chief Executive of eRC, told Total Telecom that the company saved Sprint $150 million in the first year and more than $1 billion since the partnership began in mid-2009.

Instead of dropping that old smartphone in a desk drawer and forgetting about it, customers can trade in their phones for credit towards a new phone or accessories. That gives the customer a benefit over holding onto a phone that will just gather dust, while companies like Sprint can save on reduced handset subsidies. The recycling program also helps tie a customer to a particular company, creating a form of brand loyalty.

As for those old smartphones, they end up in emerging countries where the cheaper price allows people to have phones they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. Seems like a win for everyone involved. eRC currently works with operators in the U.S. and Canada and is working on expanding its services to Europe.

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