Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Trio Arrives July 7

Samsung has announced July 7 as the release date for its trio of new Galaxy Tab 3 tablets. With its latest smartphone releases burning up the market, Samsung is following up with a new set of Android tablet devices. For those customers who absolutely have to be the first to have the newest gadget, preorders are already open.

As with its smartphones, Samsung’s strategy seems to be to develop one product and release multiple variations of it. The Galaxy Tab 3 will be available in three sizes, with customers having the choice of 7 inch, 8 inch, or 10.1 inch. Naturally, the price increases with the size. The 7 inch model will retail for $199, while the 8 inch will cost $299 and the 10.1 inch will cost $399.

There are some differences between the devices, such as improved 1280×800 screen resolution with the 10.1 inch, but they are largely the same on the inside. All three tablets have 1.5GHz dual-core processors and microSD support up to 64G. Samsung is also throwing in several bonuses such as one year of free Boingo hotspot service, three months of free Hulu Plus, and two years of free 50GB storage on DropBox. Only time will tell if those services will be enough to entice customers over from rivals such as the iPad and iPad Mini.

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