Windows Store Hits 100,000 Apps Milestone

windows 8 and a new app storeIt seems no company can resist tooting its own horn and that fact is especially true when it comes to the number of apps available on their platforms. Microsoft is the latest to sound the bugle with the announcement that its Windows Store has reached 100,000 apps in the eight months since Windows 8 launched in October last year.

Microsoft is no doubt happy that the rapid pace puts it ahead of its rivals. It took Google’s Android Market around two years to reach 100,000 apps and about a year and a half for Apple’s App Store to hit that same figure for iPad specific apps. Even Microsoft’s own Windows Phone Store took longer, over 18 months, to get to that milestone. Of course, while the Windows Store is growing faster than its competition did initially, it is a long way behind in total app numbers. For comparison, Apple’s App Store has a total of around 850,000 apps.

While this is an important feather in the cap of Windows 8 and may help convince customers who are hesitant to switch to the new operating system, there is the issue of quality. Numbers such as these are all about the quantity of apps available and ignore the fact that many of these apps are either useless or imitations of more popular offerings. Still, that could be said of all app stores and Microsoft seems to be attracting the big names it needs to succeed.

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