Sprint Reveals 100G Ethernet Wavelength Service

Sprint has unveiled its new Ethernet wavelength services with support for 10G, 40G, and 100G. The Ethernet Wave service is available in 88 markets in the U.S., with expansion set to continue through 2014. Among the features offered by the new service are always-on connectivity, round-the-clock network monitoring, and flat rate pricing.

As part of Sprint’s Network Vision initiative, the Ethernet Wave service is designed to fulfill businesses’ needs for faster speeds and greater bandwidth capacity. The growing popularity of cloud and hosted services, alongside the need to transmit large data files and connect data centers, means that enterprises require a more robust service. Sprint also said that the new service is a good fit for everyday operational needs such as sharing and replicating databases, archiving records, and maintaining business continuity.

The news is not unexpected given that Sprint has been working on expanding its wireline services in recent weeks. Earlier this month, the carrier tested a 100Gbps circuit between Chicago and Fort Worth, Texas, followed by a 400Gbps test located in Silicon Valley. While Sprint is far from the only carrier expanding their Ethernet wavelength services, it may be able to gain an advantage due to its existing backbone and the resources that come with its recent acquisition by SoftBank.

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