Google Remains King of U.S. Searches for September

The latest results from market researcher comScore Inc. show Google once again leading the U.S. search engine market. There was not a lot of movement in the month of September, with Google’s market share continuing to hold steady from last month’s numbers at 66.9%. Other companies also saw only minor shifts in their numbers.

Microsoft’s Internet search sites took second place for September with a tiny 0.1% increase bringing their share up to 18%. Meanwhile Yahoo and both saw 0.1% declines and ended the month at 11.3% and 2.5% respectively. AOL continues to hang around with a 1.3% that saw no change from the prior month.

Overall U.S. searches for the month of September dropped by 2.3% from August. A total of 18.7 billion core search queries were performed last month, with the lion’s share going to Google. The Internet giant had 12.5 billion searches for the month, followed by Microsoft with 3.4 billion, and Yahoo in third with 2.1 billion.

ComScore said that it modified how it reports its data after earlier results were skewed by Yahoo’s contextual searches. The report covers explicit core searches in the U.S. and omits contextual searches that don’t indicate any user intent.

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