BlackBerry Cancels Two Phones and Live Conference

The first casualties following BlackBerry’s enormous $4.4 billion fiscal third quarter loss have become clear. While the loss dominated the headlines following BlackBerry’s release of the report on Friday, the Wall Street Journal dug up an overlooked reference to the cancellation of two phones that were still in development. “The Company also made the decision to cancel plans to launch two devices to mitigate the identified inventory risk,” BlackBerry states in its report.

Sources told the Journal that the phones were code-named Café and Kopi and were intended to be launched in emerging markets. That’s the same market that BlackBerry is going after with its partnership with Foxconn, so it’s no surprise that it would cancel internal hardware projects to avoid duplication. Only 1.1 million of the devices sold by the company in the last quarter were new BB10 smartphones, which is leading BlackBerry to rethink its hardware strategy.

An additional casualty is next year’s BlackBerry Live conference. Since 2002, BlackBerry has held the annual event to show off new innovations. However, the company said in a blog post that it will not be hosting the show in 2014 and will instead hold a number of smaller events throughout the year. These events will be “designed with a greater focus on the specific business, developer, and partner audiences.”

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