Apple and Samsung Reportedly Fail to Reach Patent Agreement

Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly met with Samsung mobile chief JK Shin last week in an attempt to reach an agreement that would bring the companies’ patent battles to an end. Unsurprisingly, given how relations between Apple and Samsung have been so far, it seems that no agreement was reached.

Neither company has admitted to a meeting, but several Korean news outlets are reporting that it took place. Apple and Samsung had previously agreed to attend mediation by February 19 in an effort to resolve future litigation and were said to be in discussions. However, it seems the differences between them were too big to overcome. Similar talks in 2012 also failed to resolve the disputes between the companies.

So it looks like another round of lawsuits is in the works. The failure to reach an agreement could be especially costly to Samsung, which could end up paying Apple damages of $930 million. Samsung has made it clear that it wants to avoid future patent spats and recently signed licensing agreements with Ericsson, Google, and Cisco in an effort to prevent litigation. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it will be adding Apple to that list any time soon.

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