Apple Reportedly Considering Solar and Motion Charging for Smartwatch

More rumors have emerged about Apple’s smartwatch development. A report from the New York Times states that Apple is testing various methods of charging its rumored iWatch, including using solar power. The company apparently wants to avoid having the device charge its battery using a cable in the same manner as smartphones and tablets.

One method that Apple is reportedly testing is charging the battery wirelessly using magnetic induction. This technology, which the NYT compares to that used for some Nokia smartphones, charges batteries via a charging plate that uses electrical current to generate a magnetic field. This field then creates voltage to power the device.

Another possible option is using solar power. The iWatch is expected to have a curved glass screen and a solar-charging layer could be added to it to power the smartwatch in daylight. However, while Apple is conducting experiments on solar power, the NYT said that they are years away from becoming reality.

A third option is to charge the battery through movement. As a person swings their arm while walking, a tiny charging station would be activated and generate power for the device. Movement charging technology is already present in modern watches and Apple filed a patent for this technology in 2009, so this may be the most likely of the rumors.

While Apple’s iWatch continues to exist mostly as speculation, it will be interesting to see how the device fares against rivals such as Samsung’s Galaxy Gear once it emerges into the light of day.

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