Apple Releases Cheaper 8GB iPhone 5C and Brings Back Fourth-Generation iPad

Apple has quietly altered its product lineup this week by bringing back the fourth-generation iPad and launching a new version of the iPhone 5C. The fourth-generation iPad was originally discontinued last year when the iPad Air launched, but it is now returning to replace the aging iPad 2 as a lower-priced tablet option. The device features a retina display and 16GB of storage and is priced at $399, which puts it neatly in-between the high-end iPad Air and the older iPad Mini in terms of cost. A cellular model is also available for $529.

The iPad lineup reshuffling is accompanied by the launch of a cheaper version of the iPhone 5C. This new version of Apple’s smartphone features only 8GB of storage, half the size of the previous lowest priced model, and is available in Europe, Australia, and China. The unlocked model of the phone is available on the UK Apple Store for £429 (about $711). There is currently no news on when the phone will be coming to the U.S.

Though the iPhone 5C was introduced as a budget model alongside the iPhone 5S, it was still relatively expensive. That less-than-budget price may have contributed to the phone failing to live up to expectations. By offering the device at a lower price point, Apple is likely looking to boost sales, especially in the more price-sensitive regions that the smartphone is aimed at.

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