CEO Satya Nadella Talks About the Future of Microsoft

Microsoft’s Satya Nadella gave his first public interview since taking over as CEO this week at the Code Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. Among the topics covered were his plans for Microsoft’s future and the role of founder Bill Gates, who has been on hand to offer advice. “I run the place,” Nadella said. “Bill’s helping.”

Nadella also spoke about the direction of Microsoft moving forward. The company recently released a version of its Office software for Apple’s iPad, which reflects Microsoft’s new willingness to embrace platforms outside its Windows operating system. “The intent here is to make sure our services are available on all devices,” Nadella said. “There are going to be Windows devices and there are going to be other devices, and we have to make sure our services run on all of them.”

Those new services will include real-time translation software for Skype to assist with video conferencing between users speaking different languages. On the devices front, Microsoft just unveiled the latest incarnation of its tablet, the Surface Pro 3, this month. Nadella also put an end to rumors that the company would spin off the Xbox gaming business or sell the Bing search engine.

The new CEO also indicated that Microsoft was not planning on making a big acquisition. “We have to build something big,” Nadella said. That is of course not counting Microsoft’s $7.2 billion purchase of Nokia’s mobile phone business, which was completed last month.

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