Microsoft Drops Nokia Name from Lumia Smartphones

The time has finally come to say goodbye to Nokia smartphones. Microsoft announced today that it is dropping the Nokia brand from Lumia devices, which will now be known as Microsoft Lumia.

The technology giant acquired Nokia’s phone business back in April for $7.2 billion. That deal allowed Microsoft to continue using the Nokia name on Lumia Windows Phones for a time, but it is now phasing it out in favor of its own branding. The company has released an image of the design that will adorn new smartphones, though it wouldn’t say when a Microsoft Lumia device would hit the market other than “soon.”

Microsoft is also rebranding some global and local websites, as well as social media, as part of the change.

Though Nokia smartphones are being discontinued, Microsoft will continue to sell basic entry-level phones under the Nokia brand. These phones, such as the Nokia 130, are important in emerging markets where the Nokia name is well-known. Additionally, Microsoft will continue to support existing Nokia Lumia phones.

As part of its quarterly earnings report released yesterday, Microsoft revealed that it sold 9.3 million Lumia Windows Phones in the last three month period. That’s a small increase as the Windows Phone platform continues to look for a way to compete seriously with market giants Android and iOS.

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