Apple has a Happy Holiday with New Device Activations

AppleIt’s the season for giving and consumers certainly gave a lot of Apple mobile devices this holiday. Mobile analytics firm Flurry reported that Apple products accounted for 51.3 percent of device activations in the week leading up to December 25, with the majority of those devices being iPhones. Samsung took second place with 17.7 percent of all activations and Nokia claimed the third spot with 5.3 percent.

“To put this in perspective, for every Samsung devices that was activated, Apple activated 2.9 devices. For every Microsoft Lumia device activated, Apple activated 8.8 devices,” Jarah Euston, Vice President of Analytics and Marketing for Flurry, wrote in a blog post.

Sony and LG were the only other smartphone manufacturers to see more than a one percent share of new activations, with 1.6 percent and 1.4 percent respectively.

Flurry gathered the data by tracking apps and for which mobile operating system they were downloaded. As is usual for this time of year, app installs rose alongside device activations. Christmas Day was once again the busiest day, with a 150 percent increase in the number of apps installed compared to an average day earlier in the month. Games and messaging apps were the most popular downloads.

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